In the field of health and sanitation, the district lacks modern facilities. Patients requiring technologically advanced treatment are forced to go to Manglore, Manipal or Kozhikode. As per the data available, the particulars of medical institutions and other facilities in the district are as follows.

System of Medicine


Allopathy District Hospital 1
Taluk Hospital 1
Community Health Centres 5
Primary Health Centres 45
Family Welfare Centres 249
T.B.Centre 1
District Medical Store 1
L.C.Units 2
Food Inspector's Office 3
J.P.H.N Training School 1
N.F.C.P. Unit 1
Government Blood Bank 2
Doctors in Govt. institutions 107
Beds in Govt. institutions 667
Private Medical Institutions 64
Private blood banks --
Indian Systems of Medicine Ayurveda Hospitals 5
Dispensaries 35
Unani Dispensary 1
Homeopathy Hospitals 3
Dispensaries 21


Doctors 317
Staff Nurses 622
Jr.PH Nurses 393
No. of Beds 2287
Blood Bank 1