The diversity of the physical features results in a corresponding diversity of climate.
The climate of the district is classified as warm, humid and tropical.
The average maximum temperature is 31.2oC and minimum is 23.6oC.
Though the mean maximum temperature is only around 90oF, 
the heat is oppressive in the moisture laden atmosphere of the plains.
Humidity is very high and rises to about 90 percent during the south-west monsoon.
The annual variation of temperature is small, the diurnal range is only about 10oF.

Rainy Season

rainfall 2001

The mean annual rainfall of the district is 3581mm, which is highest in the state.
(The state average is 3063).
The south west monsoon starts towards the end of May or the beginning of June,
heralded by thunder-storms and hold till September when the monsoon fades out.
October-November brings the north-east monsoon.
Out of the total rainfall, the months June, July & August experience 2/3 of the quantity.

Rainfall during the year 2001 in mm.

Total Rainfall - 3626 mm.

Summer & Winter
Dry weather from December to February. March to May is the hot season.
The coolest months of the year are January-February.