The Kuttamath Kunniyur family in Cheruvathur had given birth to many poets.

The first of this galaxy of Kuttamath scholars ("KUTTAMATH KAVIKAL") was Kunhunni Kurup (1813-1885).   He was talented Astrologer and Sanskrit scholar.  The most important of his works are Devi Mahatmyam, Kapotha Sandesham and Vyasolpathi.

Kuttamath Cheria Rama Kurup (1847-1906) was a dramatist, poet, grammarian and Ayurvedic physician of considerable merit.  He has composed several Sanskrit works such as Subhadrapaharanam, Rukmini Swayamvaram and Sita Swayamvaram.  His Sarva Garala  Padmochanam is a comprehensive work on Visha Vaidyam (Toxicology).  Among his Malayalam works may be mentioned Kesivadham, Kamsavadham, Sri Ramavatarams and three Thullal poems, viz., Krishnavatharam, Poothanamoksham and Ahalyamoksham.

Kuttamath Kunhi Kelu Kurup (1863-1915) distinguished himself as a composer of Thullal poems, the most important of which are Kharavadham, Seemanthini Swayamvaram, Sita Swayamvaram, Kuchelagopalam, Sankaracharya Chaitham and Radhamadhavam. He has also organised a Thullal Kaliyogam of his own to popularise Ottamthullal.

Kuttamath Kunhambu Kurup (1855-1911) was a great sanskrit scholar and Ayurvedic physician. Among his works are a poem called Kirtibhooshana Charitham and three dramas, viz., Vaidarbhi Vasudevam, Ushanirudham and Amsumatidharmaguptam.

The most distinguished of the Kuttamath scholars is Kunniyoor Kunhikrishna Kurup (1881-1944), who is also known as
Mahakavi Kuttamath. He is the author of several important works in Malayalam. The earliest of his literary composition is a poem called Kaliyamardanam.  He has composed a few dramas such as Devayani Charitham, Balagopalm, Nachiketas, Dhruvamadhavam, Harischandra Charitham, etc. and several devotional works like Sri Ramakrishnan Gita and Mukambikapuranam Kilipattu. He has also composed an Attakatha in Malayalam titled Balagopalam.

P.Kunhiraman Nair

P. Kunhiraman Nair (1906-1972), famous poet of Kerala, hailed from Bellikoth near Kanhangad. Worked as Malayalam Teacher, wrote many poems. He was a poet of nature. Won Kendra Sahitya Academy Award for his work Thamarathoni.



T. Ubaid  (3428 bytes)

T. Ubaid, the cultural leader of Kasargod, was born at Thalangara in the year 1908. Proficient in Malayalam and Kannada, T. Ubaid translated many Malayalam literary pieces into Kannada and vice-versa. He was also a researcher in Moppla songs and a noted Poet of Arabia – Malayalam. Several of his poems were collected under the titles, Navarathna Malika Bashqadhara, Chandrakala etc. He was an effective speaker and member of Kerala Sahithya Academy. He died in the year 1972.


G.Govinda Pai

Rashtrakavi, M. Govinda Pai (1883-1963) of Manjeshwar, is Kerala’s contribution to Kannada language and literature. Poet, art critic and literature researcher, M. Govinda Pai who has enriched Kannada literature and poetry by his famous works, was conferred the title of poet laureate by the erstwhile Government of Madras, along with Mahakavi Vallathol. He excelled himself as a poet, nationalist, historian, dramatist and linguist. Gommata Jinastuti was the first published work of Govinda Pai. He also introduced the sonnet form in Kannad.
His Gilivindu, which literally means “a bunch of parrots”, contains some rare and beautiful gems of Kannada poetry. Govinda Pai also enriched Kannada learning with his historical studies and research. He was an authority on the chronology and history of Tulunad.
Govinda Pai was also a prolific prose writer. His earliest composition in prose was Srikrishna Charita (1909) which provides for remarkable reading. His best works written in blank verse, viz., Golgotha (the last days of Christ, published in 1937), Vaisakhi (The last days of Budha, published in 1946) and Hebberaqlu (The Thumb, the story of Ekalavya retold, published in 1946) have won for Govinda Pai a lasting place in the gallery of the greatest poets of Kannada literature. These works also testify to his universal outlook as well as to his deep compassion for the poor and the downtrodden.

Sri Parthisuba, the great exponent of Yakshagana, was believed to have lived at Kumbla near Kasaragod.


Sri. T.S. Thirumumbu, a revolutionary poet, was also a leader of the agrarian movement. Born in the year 1906. Famous Freedom Fighter. His house at Pilicode has been taken over possession by the Kerala Agricultural University for keeping it as a centre for studies on farming culture in memory of the Poet.



Sri. Vidwan P.Kelu Nair, (1899-1929) a famous National Movement Leader.  Born at Nileshwar. He had established a sanskrit school named Vignana Dayini at Bellikkoth. Vehemently protested against the British Imperialism. He was very famous as Poet, Dramatist, Actor and Director. Wrote many inspiring songs and poems on Indian Freedom Struggle.

Sri. Kayyar Kinhanna Rai, famous Freedom Fighter and Kannada Poet residing at Peradala. Born in 1915. Acquired qualification like Vidwan and M.A. He worked as teacher. During 1969-70 he was awarded National Award for Teachers. Won many awards from the Govt. and Sanity Academy. His famous Poems in Kannada are Shreemukha, Punarnava, and Chethana. Many poems are included in the syllabus for Kannada Schools.


Kanhangad Ramachandran

Sri. Kanhangad Ramachandran, A musician, composer and playback singer from Kanhangad, is now working as a music teacher at Durga High School, Kanhangad. He had conducted hour long muscical concert at Kollur Mookambika Temple. He is also disciple of Ganagandharvan Padmshree K.J.Jesudas. His wife Hemma a computer engineer is also a famous singer.

Sri. Kanayi Kunhiraman, playback singer A renowned artist and sculptor from Kanhangad. He had secured First class in Sculpture Diploma Course from Fine Arts College, Madras in 1960. His higher studies in sculpture field was at Slaid School of Arts (London University) in 1965. Kanayi Kunhiraman is the Chairman of Lalitha Kala Academy. His sculptures at Malampuzha (Fairy), Vely Beach (Shanku), Shankumugham Beach (Jalakanyaka), Payyambalam at Kannur (Mother and Child) and Kochi (Mukkda Perumal) are attracting lot of tourists. Now a days almost all awards being presented by Government are designed by Kanayi.


Sri. Punchithaya P.S, famous Freelance Artist. Founder of RURAL ART GALLORY at Kanchan Ganga Kalagram, Karadka, Kasargod.He was awarded the Senior Artist Award from Karnataka Lalitha Kala Academy in 1997, also a number of awards for watercolor landscape paintings from Kerala and Karnataka academies.He was the executive member of Karnataka Lalithakala Academy for two times.His painting collections can be seen at Karnataka Rajbhavan, Museums of Thiruvanathapuram, Bombay, Mysore and Mangalore. Click here to see some of his paintings.

Sri. A.Krishna, popularly known as Uppala Krishanan Master is a leading artist in YAKSHAGANA. By profession he is a teacher (retired), he has performed Yakshagana in various stages including foreign countries. He was awarded the Karnataka Janapadha Yakshagana Academy Award in 1996-97. He was the member of Karnataka Janapadha Yakshagana Academy. Krishanan Master is also an Actor & Director in drama, expert in Kathaprasanga, Tabala, Bhajana and Magic Show.
In his profession also he had showed his talent. He was awarded the National Award for Teachers in 1993 and also he received the the award from State Board for Primary Teachers, Dept. of Education, Govt. of Kerala.

Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan, renowned film actress from Nileshwar. She became popular after the release of Malayalam movie Chandranudikunna Dikkil. Kavya is also well talented in Dance, Monoact and Chakiyarkoothu.